Perfect Sleeper Brindale Firm Mattress - TWIN

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Product Highlights
The Serta Perfect Brindale Firm mattress offers the classic feel of a firm mattress with subtle cushioning from advanced foams. It is made with a unique set of features to help solve 5 common sleep problems:

1. Tossing & Turning can be reduced with Serta’s exclusive Cool Twist® Gel Foam, a gel-enhanced foam designed to provide pressure-relieving comfort.
2. Lack of Support is addressed with Serta’s Custom Support® Classic 520 Innerspring, featuring a head-to-toe design with continuous rows of coils aligned to provide proper support.
3. Uncomfortable Sleep Temperature is helped with Serta’s Cool Balance® Fabric, designed to help regulate temperature at the sleep surface.
4. Partner Disturbance is alleviated with Serta’s TrueSense® Design, which works to isolate motion at its source so you can sleep soundly even when your partner moves.
5. Mattress Roll-Off or Sag is prevented with Serta’s ComfortLast® Construction for enhanced durability.
The Serta Perfect Sleeper® is the only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.
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