Inspection & Fees

OHMYZIP Package Inspection

Choose from one of our unique inspection procedures according to the nature of your package.
- Inspection services can only be used for air deliveries from DE. (Regular & In-depth)
Inspection Coverage Reimbursement Coverage
Regular Inspection - Verify whether the product quantity
- Process the 'receiving' of shipping request form by the delivered item(S)
* If the product quantity is differ from the shipping application or if a visible damage of the product is verified, Ohmyzip will inform them to the member.
- When wrong product quantity is delivered
In-depth Inspection
$0.2 per each item

- Detail inspection is free if the shipping request   form has less than 10 items and if the images of the item(s) and the tracking number are entered before the item(s) is stored.
(Arrived without Shipping Application is not available)

- Verify the quantity for received item(s) with the shipping request form

- Process the 'receiving' of shipping request form by the delivered item(S)

- Inspecting item(s) based on the rage of each item inspection standard

- When Incorrect quantiry item(s) is delivered.

- For unconfirmed order discrepancy between delivered item(s) and shipping request form

- For others, refer to below column

Standards of Inspection

  • Verify whether it is the ordered product.
  • Verify the size.
  • The followings cannot be verified: subtle distortion that cannot be verified by the bare eyes, height of the heels,
    color difference, and damages by glue or any other substances.
  • Verify whether it is the ordered product.
  • Verify the size.
  • Inspection after opening the box.
  • The following cannot be verified: missing component (belt, hood etc.), sewing, tear, contamination, inferior materials, and loose threads.
  • If no detailed/specific information or pictures are posted with the shipping application, thorough inspection is not available.
  • If the Inspection failure is due to the lack of information, compensation will be excluded.
  • Inspection may vary by products.
  • If the Inspection failure is due to the lack of information, compensation will be excluded.
  • In case of heavy items or high volume boxes, Ohmyzip will only check the box damage.
  • TV - Inspection will consist of checking the box appearance, opening the box for any screen damages and dents, and plugging in the power cable to ensure the TV works.
  • *Dishes - Inspection will consist of any breakage, quantity of the set, and name of the product.
  • *Food, Dietary supplement - Inspection will consist of verifying the name, number of quantity, size, and expiration date.
  • *Electronics - Inspection will consist of checking the model number,name, breakage, and scratches. However we will NOT check for any missing component or the working condition of the device.
  • *Furniture - Inspection will consist of only checking the outside box damage. (If we open the furniture, we may damage the box or the furniture inside)

Exclusion from 100% Guaranteed Compensation

  • Used or refurbished products are not included in Free Return/ 100% Guaranteed Compensation.
  • : Only "No Inspection Free Returns" or "OhFast" services are available while filling out the shipping application.
  • When required proof is not submitted or forged.
  • When shipping application is forged. (when wrong product name or wrong price is provided).
  • Shipping application is not completed and/or tracking number is not provided.
  • Minor box damage (when there is no damage in the product itself).
  • In case of collection or sale purpose, the box or case damage cannot be indemnified.
    Lego Box, Shoe Case, Plastic Case (example, Air Jordan Shoe Case, Disney Doll Case)
  • When a portion of the set product is missing or parts is broken.
  • Working condition or parts missing of Electronics (or sealed product). If 'don't break the seal' is selected, inspection is not possible.
    If a customer selects "Do not open seal" Ohmyzip will not be able to inspect the product, therefore the item will not be covered for reimbursement.
  • When nitrogen gas of the snack is leaked during air shipment.
  • Wrinkle can be common for the fabric product.
  • When a customer declined recommended special packaging, insurance cannot be purchased and compensation is not available in case of product breakage.