l General-clearance? or List-Clearance?

Differences between general-clearance and list-clearance? Before utilizing our service, we want to ensure our customers that they are clear about the differences between general and list clearance. Please note that VAT(Value Added Tax) is imposed on every imported and exported goods. As of June 15th, 2014, if the order amount is less than $200 USD, VAT is exempted.. These goods are classified as list-clearance. Except the List-Clearance items are declared as General-Clearance items. Tariffs and VAT will not be incurred if its total cost is less than $150.

Total Order Amount = Product price+ shipping cost incurred in U.S. + tax incurred in U.S.

Customs Value = (Total cost * exchange rate) + Imposed Tax Fare

New Addition of List-Clearance Goods

As of June 16th, 2014, more goods have become classified as list-clearance.Below is a list of goods that are not classified as list clearance items. * Any items in this list are subject to change by the sole discretion of each corresponding country’s customs laws and regulations.

General-clearance items


  • Chocolate

  • Candy

  • Cereal

  • Chips

  • Coffee/Syrup

  • Tea

  • Canned food

  • Retort food

  • Beverage

  • Sauce

  • Baby food

* Human and animalconsumables.
Pharmaceuticals/Health Supplements

*An individual can declare up to 6 bottles at a time when proceeding through customs.

  • Vitamins

  • Supplements

  • Natural Extracts

  • Dietary

  • Children’ssupplements

* Supplements that can be used for health improvement, promotion, and purpose of therapy. (Including medicinal herbs)

Quasi Medicine/Drugs

  • Bandage

  • Gauze

  • Cotton ball

  • Antiseptic

  • Mouthwash

  • disinfectant

  • Hair dye product

  • Pesticide

  • Cooling Spray

  • Medical Kits

  • Contact lenssolution

* Supplied goods that are less impactfulon the risks to human health
Medical Equipment
  • Thermometer

  • Sphygmom-anometer

  • Blood glucosemeter

  • Pregnancytester

  • Hearing Aid

  • Syringe

* Tranfusion sets, ultraviolet/infrared applications, respirators, dental equipment, orthopedic equipment, and other diagnostic/therapeutic equipment


  • FunctionalCosmetics

  • Sun CareProducts

  • Hair Loss Pre-vention Products

* Functional Cosmetics Whitening, anti-wrinkle, sun care, tanning, UV, hair loss prevention products and etc.

Other Products

  • Beverages(Alcohol)

  • Cigarettes

  • Pet Edibles

* Other Products Alcohol, Tobacco, Animal specimen, Wildlife related products.

l Things you need to know: Reporting list-clearance items

  • - List-clearance items are intended for personal usage only. Large quantities may cause problems during customs clearance.
  • - Customs may ask for a form of proof of purchase to verify the total amount.
  • * If your item appears to be more expensive than the price you reported, customs may ask you to provide the invoice of your item toverify theactual price.
  • - List-clearance items can be cleared as general-clearance items by the authority of a customs director
  • - If your package contains multiple items, all of the items must be list-clearance item in order for the entire item in the package to goby list-clearance process. If your package contains multiple orders going to different individuals, all items must be declared as list-clearance items in order for your package to proceed through customs.
  • * Combination of list-clearance items and other-clearance items, it is not proceed through the list-clearance. (Tariffs and VAT(sales tax) will be imposed)
  • - from USA : Tariff and VAT(sales tax) will be incurred when goods cost exceeds $200
  • - from Other countries except USA: will be incurred when goods cost exceeds $150
  • * Note that if tariff is incurred because you did not declare your items as list-clearance, it is your responsibility to deal with the tariff.
  • - Please write the specific product name in order to be considered as a list-clearance item (Note: failure to provide specific information may result in the exclusion of your product from the list-clearance process. )

    Mini checkered shirt → Mini checkered shirt Clothing

    Nike Runa 1234 → Nike Runa 1234 Shoes

    Superman movie → Superman movie DVD

    Steve Jobs {Hardcover} → Steve Jobs [Hardcover] Book

  • - Indicate words that will help the customs inspector identify the product(s) as list-clearance.