What is International Courier Service?

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    Open an account with Ohmyzip

    By opening an account for free, you will obtain three unique addresses for your packages. You will have an address for each of Ohmyzip’s centers in Delaware, California, and Japan.
    10% discount coupon for new members.

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    Make purchases from any online shops in the U.S.

    Ship your order(s) to the center of your choice.

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    Submit Shipping Applicaion.

    After you purchase your item, please take some time to submit an shipping application prior to the arrival of your package to Ohmyzip! Also, please submit an shipping application to request your item to be shipped. If you set up automatic payment (prepaid points or credit card) before your item arrives to our warehouse, your items will be shipped as soon as they arrive to our warehouses.

    [ How to Shipping Application ] [ Express Shipping ]
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    Package arrivals to an Ohmyzip’s warehouse

    Your package will be delivered to an Ohmyzip’s warehouse through a shipping company, such as Fedex, UPS, USPS, etc.

  • 05

    Package processing at Ohmyzip’s warehouse

    - Receiving process: Your order and information on your shipping application will be matched.
    - At this point: the service options that you have selected will be applied.
    - Shipping Cost Calculator : The total shipping fee will be calculated based upon inspection options and final weight of the packages.

    [ Inspection & Fees ] [ Price Chart ]
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    Normal Shipping

    If you selected your package to be inspected, your package will be ready after inspection. If you did not fill out an inbound notification or outbound notification, your package will be sent after each form is filled. If you selected manual payment, your package will be shipped once you pay your shipping fees.

    [ Inspection & Fees ]

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    International shipping (Air Cargo Delivery / Ocean Delivery)

    As soon as the shipping charges have been paid, Ohmyzip will deliver your package according to air cargo schedule. Real-time tracking is always provided in the “My Page” menu.

    [ CA flight schedule ] [ DE flight schedule ] [ CN flight schedule ] [ How to use ocean shipping ]
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    Customs and VAT Payments

    All products that are delivered overseas will proceed through customs. Please make sure to abide by all customs laws and regulations and pay for the appropriate fees.

    [ Prohibited items (Customs) ] [ Duties & Taxes Guide ]
  • 09

    Delivery Begins!

    After customs clearance, a local delivery company will deliver your package.

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    Please visit and utilize Ohmyzip again! We appreciate your business. Thank you! Please visit the Ohmyzip Blog for up to date information!

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    Return, questions, or complaints

    If you have any problems with the package and item you received, return them for free. There are limitations, so please check the Free Return Shipping info page.

    [ Free Return Shipping ] [ Return and Refund ]