Return Procedure

Return process

  • 01
    Request return to your seller Contact and request returns to your seller. (for U.S., please request a return label)
    (email/phone/live chat/return system)
  • 02
    Transfer the shipping application to the return application 마이페이지 > 반품 신청서(‘반품 신청서’ 버튼을 누르세요) > 출고 전건에서 반품하실 상품을 선택 후 반품 신청서 작성 버튼을 눌러주세요.
    배송신청서 작성이 되어있지 않은 상품은 반품 진행이 불가하오니 반드시 배송신청서 작성 후 반품 신청서 작성을 하셔야 합니다.
    반품 신청 바로가기
  • 03
    리턴 라벨 첨부 with return label 반품 신청서 작성 시, 리턴 라벨 항목에 리턴 라벨 이미지를 첨부 하셔야합니다.(URL / 파일)
    without return label 반품 신청서에 리턴 라벨 없음을 표시하시고 반품 절차에 맞게 신청 완료해주세요. 2차 결제(미국 내 배송비) 안내 메일이 발송됩니다.
    오마이집 리턴라벨 화면
  • 04
    Pay Return Fee 마이페이지 > ‘배송신청 내역’ 항목 중 ‘추가 결제 대기’ 를 클릭하신 후 결제해 주셔야 합니다.
    반품수수료 및 쉬핑비 결제는 신용카드로 결제만 가능합니다.
  • 05
    Return Completed! Your item has successfully been returned and refunded.

Return Fee

reason for return Service Fee
(with return label)
Service Fee
(without return label)
Change of mind $5 $5 + (US shipping fee)
Damage/Breakage etc. $0 (None) $0 + (US shipping fee)
* Note that shipping costs will vary from company/seller.
* Domestic delivery of China, fee varies by region.

What is a return label?

  • There are 2 types of return labels (free or prepaid).
  • If a customer wishes to return a product simply because “change of mind,” they will have to purchase a prepaid label.
  • If there are damages/breakages from the product the company/seller will send a prepaid label free of charge.
  • Return labels can be requested and provided from the company/seller.

  • UPS Return Label (sample)


  • If a customer refuses to receive their order, Ohmyzip cannot and will not fulfill a return.
  • Hundreds of shipments are received on a daily basis, therefore it is not possible for Ohmyzip to retrieve a package that has been refused by the customer.
  • Request for returns are only available before the determination of the shipping cost of the order.
  • If the shipping cost has already been determined, the return process cannot be accepted.
  • If only a part of an order has been received and the shipping payment is pending, a return/refund cannot be issued.
    If the packaging process has begun. (Removal of clothes hangar/Box removal) these options may not abide by the company’s return regulations.
  • A return was requested to the seller, however due to various reasons if the order was still delivered, there will be a service fee of $5.