Return Procedure
Refunds and exchanges are allowed if you have not paid for your shipment service and if your package has not left a Ohmyzip warehouse to the final destination.

l Return process

Below is the guide for the return process.

  • 01
    Request return to your seller

    Submit a return request to your seller and receive a return label. (email/phone/live chat/return system)

  • 02
    Create Ohmyzip Shipping applicaion

    Main page > Shipping applicaion Form A Shipping applicaion has to be created before you create a return application.

  • 03
    Create the return application

    You need to submit a separate shipping application for returns as well.

  • 04
    If you have received the return label

    Attach the return label file.(URL/Attach File)

    If you have not received the return label

    When there is no return label, you will receive a 2nd payment notice after you finish the application of the return process. * Please check "No return label" during return   process.

  • 05
    Pay Return Fee

    Go to My Page→ Return Request Form→ Select which inbound request form→ Submit shipping label

  • 06
    Return Completed!

    Your item has successfully been returned and refunded.

l Return Fee

reason for return Service Fee (with return label) Service Fee (without return label)
Change of mind $5 $5 + (US shipping fee)
Damage/Breakage etc. $0 (None) $0 + (US shipping fee)

* Note that shipping costs will vary from company/seller.

l What is a return label?

There are 2 types of return labels (free or prepaid). If a customer wishes to return a product simply because “change of mind,” they will have to purchase a prepaid label. If there are damages/breakages from the product the company/seller will send a prepaid label free of charge. Return labels can be requested and provided from the company/seller.

* UPS Return Label (sample)

l Notice

  • - If a customer refuses to receive their order, Ohmyzip cannot and will not fulfill a return. * Hundreds of shipments are received on a daily basis, therefore it is not possible for Ohmyzip to retrieve a package that has been refused by the customer.
  • - Request for returns are only available before the determination of the shipping cost of the order. * If the shipping cost has already been determined, the return process cannot be accepted.
  • - If only a part of an order has been received and the shipping payment is pending, a return/refund cannot be issued. If the packaging process has begun. (Removal of clothes hangar/Box removal) these options may not abide by the company’s return regulations.
  • - A return was requested to the seller, however due to various reasons if the order was still delivered, there will be a service fee of $5.