Compensation Service
Ohmyzip will be responsible and guarantee safe delivery for customer’s package by providing full coverage and compensation.

Reimbursement for incorrect weight measurement

Ohmyzip utilizes electronic scales to weigh all goods and the shipping cost is calculated based on the corresponding information. If customers believe that there is a discrepancy they can weigh the goods and file a claim. If the measurements do not match, an investigation will take place. If indeed there is a difference Ohmyzip will compensate the difference.

Reimbursement details

  • - Ohmyzip will reimburse 3 times the amount if the incorrect weight was calculated. Reimbursement will be provided in forms of coupons, points, or partial cancellations. If the reimbursement amount exceeds the paid amount, the difference will be returned in points. (EX: Ohmzip’s calculated weight = 10lbs → Customer receives the package and calculates the weight at 5lbs.The remaining balance will be compensated.)
  • - If the customer paid a tariff to customs because of the weight calculation error, they will be reimbursed for the amount they have paid.
  • - If the weight difference has occurred from packaging, Ohmyzip will not compensate 3 times the difference.
  • - A 10% discount coupons (effective for 3 months) will be compensated along with the reimbursement.

Reimbursement Process

1. Submit a request for reimbursement
• Upon receiving the package, weigh the package in its original state of condition and report back to Ohmyzip within 7 days.
• [Files/Attachments to submit]
- Photo that shows evidence of package contents. - Photo showing box, buffers, product, and all other contents. (Ohmyzip must evaluate the overall condition of the package) - Photo showing weight of package. (Ohmyzip recommends using a postal scale for accurate measurements)
2. Request Submitted
• After request is submitted, Ohmyzip will review within 3 days and reach out via phone or 1:1 board.
• Additional information may be requested.
3. Reimbursement Process
• After the request is confirmed (7 business days), the reimbursement amount and details will beprovided via phone or 1:1 board.
• Once the customer complies with the details, reimbursement will be redeemed within 5 business days.

Exceptions to reimbursement

  • • Volume weight measurements will not be eligible for reimbursements.
  • • Reimbursements cannot be made based on their measurements provided by other freight forwarding companies (UPS, USPS, FEDEX).
  • • Reimbursement will not be provided if there are weight differences and there has been no change in the shipment cost.
  • • Reimbursement will not be provided if the customer weighs the package after removing buffers and fillers.
  • • Reimbursement will not be provided if the customer reports false weight.
  • • Reimbursement will not be provided if the government tax is changed without any notice.
  • • Reimbursement will not be provided if the package is wet and weighed.