GNC Flat Rate Shipping Promotion

Until 07/31/2017 (KST, Shipping fee payment date)

All Ohmyzip members

Flat rate applied for order less than 6lb from
(Must accurately input the shopping mall URL and choose No Inspection Free Returns)

• Flat rate shipping will be applied only if the gnc URL is entered accurately and No Inspection Free Returns was selected in the shipping application.
• Flat rate shipping is not available for Express and OhFast Shipping, only for regular shipping.
• Flat rate shipping is not available for shipments over 6 lbs and no inspection shipping fee will be applied.
- Flat rate will be applied from the greater of the actual weight of 50% of the vol. weight.
• Flat rate will be applied if the GNC orders are shipped in one box.
- Flat rate applied even if gnc delivers an order in multiple boxes, as long as the items are shipped in one box.
- Flat rate not available for combine shipping multiple shipping applications.
(Flat rate applied when there's multiple tracking in one shipping application)
- Tracking fee applied after 5th tracking.
- Prime members exempt from paying regular customs fee ($1).
•Member Discount Rate
Reg. Economy : 0%Prime Economy : 5%
Reg. Premium : 1%Prime Premium : 6%
Reg. Business : 2%Prime Business : 7%
Reg. Prestige : 3%Prime Prestige : 8%
Reg.    First  : 4%Prime First : 9%
• For DE Center Air shipping to Korea only
• Member discounts and Percent Coupons may be used.
(Dollar coupons not available)
• For supplements, only 6 containers per person may go through customs.
• Incomplete applications will not receive the flat rate promotion. Please make sure to input the tracking number before the item is received.
• All contents of this event are subject to change by Ohmyzip.