Free Return Shipping

Ohmyzip Free returns under any condition

Until November 30, 2017 (Korea time, shipping fee payment date)
Available at DE center air shipping and CN center ocean shipping

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Ohmyzip Free returns under any condition Ohmyzip Free returns under any condition

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Ohmyzip Free returns under any condition

Things to know

  • - If your item is new and has a problem (damage, wrong item), you have the option of getting a maximum compensation of $600
      or returning the item for free.
  • - Your online seller must approve of the return and a return shipping label within the US must be provided to Omyzip.
  • - This event is only for the DE warehouse and for air shipment only.
  • - Free return shipping is only from the Korea warehouse to the US.
      (Items with a return label address outside of US is not available for returns.)
  • - Items that have a width, height, and length sum greater than 160 cm, weight is greater than 30Kg, if one side exceeds 100cm,
      and TV’s are not available for free return.
  • - Items monitored by the FDA are not available for returns due to US customs.
  • - If you paid VAT taxes, want to return the item because a change of mind, and want a refund of the VAT taxes,
      there is an $18 fee for the refund.
  • - The return process takes 10 days after the package arrives to the Korea warehouse. Please be sure to check the return schedule
      for timely return process
  • - Compensation support for the returns applies only to the products covered by the guaranteed compensation of Ohmyzip.
      (refurbished, used items and change of mind are excluded from the return product reward.)
  • - Ohfast shipping service is not eligible to free returns service and unconditional free returns promotion.
  • - Ohmyzip reserves the rights to change or revoke any policy of this event.