Vol. Weight 50% Off Promotion

~ November 30, 2017 (KST, Shipping fee payment date)

Things to know

  • - This event is ongoing in all Ohmyzip centers (DE, JP).
  • - Event duration is based on KST, shipping fee payment date.
  • - If the vol. weight is more than twice the actual weight, the vol. weight is discounted 50%.
      (OhFast applies 100% of the vol. weight.)
  • - For oversized items, the greater of the vol. weight and actual weight will be used to calculate the shipping fee.
  • - Oversized items or TVs greater than 40 inches are not part of the promotional event.
      (Oversized if out of the three sides, two sides exceed 40 inches or one side exceeds 60 inches.)
  • - Please note that this promotion is only for inspection / No inspection Free Returns.
  • - This event is only for air services.
  • - The promotion discount will be applied for orders paid after March 1st, 2016 3 A.M.
  • - Vol. weight discount will be applied only for deliveries from DE / JP to Korea.
  • - Ohmyzip reserves the rights to change or revoke any policy of this event.