Flat Rate Shipping Event Season 3




  1. • Please note that the item will be shipped without inspection.
  2.   - Express / OhFast shipping are excluded from the flat rate event; flat rate is only applied for regular shipping.
  3. • The fixed rate promotion is only for air shipping.
  4. • This event is only applicable for items that will be sent from the U.S. (DE/CA center) to South Korea.
  5. • To be eligible for this fixed rate promotion, select the proper category when you complete the shipping application form.

  6. • This event is only for one unit purchase of a product. If a weight of the product exceeds 5lb, a regular shipping fee will be applied.
  7. • For perfumes, bottles up to 60 ml (2oz) are eligible for this promotion.
  8. • Orders arrived without shipping application are excluded from the flat rate event. Please make sure to enter the tracking number before the order is received.
  9. • Ohmyzip does not cover any expenses for returning used or refurbished products.
  10. • Please note that items and inbound notification forms completed after March 1, 2016 at 9:00 AM (South Korea time) will be eligible for this promotion.
  11. • Ohmyzip reserves a right to change or revoke any policy of this event.
  12. • 의류, GNC Member Discount Rate
    Reg. Economy : 0%Prime Economy : 5%
    Reg. Premium : 1%Prime Premium : 6%
    Reg. Business : 2%Prime Business : 7%
    Reg. Prestige : 3%Prime Prestige : 8%
    Reg.    First  : 4%Prime First : 9%
  13. • TV, 다이슨, 라우터, 외장형하드, 태블릿, 액션캠, 선글라스, 향수, 핸드폰, 손목시계, 스마트워치, 이어폰, SSD카드 Member Discount Rate
    Reg. Economy : 0%
    Reg. Premium : 3%
    Reg. Business : 5%
    Reg. Prestige : 7%
    Reg.    First  : 10%
    Prime : 15%