US Ocean Shipping

Following is a detail breakdown of prices for using Ohmyzip ocean delivery service
* The customs fee listed on this fee schedule is determined based on a situation when the item passes customs within 3 business day.
CBM CA Shipping fee for ocean ($) Shipping Unit
Economy Prime member
30 0.1 CBM 12.00 10.80 5 Pound
35 14.00 12.60
40 16.00 14.40
45 0.2 CBM 18.00 16.20
115 0.3 CBM 46.00 41.40
150 0.4 CBM 60.00 54.00
185 0.5 CBM 74.00 66.60
370 1 CBM 148.00 133.20
380 1.1 CBM 152.00 136.80
390 156.00 140.40
400 160.00 144.00
740 2 CBM 296.00 266.40
1,110 3 CBM 444.00 399.60
1,470 4 CBM 588.00 529.20
1,840 5 CBM 736.00 662.40
2,210 6 CBM 884.00 795.60
2,580 7 CBM 1032.00 928.80
*A minimum weight of 30lb is applied.
 Therefore, even if you ship an item that is lighter than 30 lbs, a shipping fee will be calculated based on the minimum weight. (30 lbs)
*A shipping fee for ocean delivery will be calculated based on either actual or volume weight.
 [volume weight measurement(lbs): width(inch) x length(inch) x height(inch) / 166]
*Every ocean delivery item is calculated in CBM(Cubic Meter), but for your convenience, we convert it to lbs for a shipping fee  calculation.
  1. Please note the indicated price represents includes all fees associated with the product's arrival to customs clearance
  in South Korea.
2. Tariff or customs fees will be calculated in a same manner as air cargo delivery.
3. There is no additional cost for domestic shipping of regular-sized item(s) (CJ Korea Express)
  However, an additional fees will be incurred for over-sized item(s) (over 65 lbs).
  * Actual weight or volume weight will always be rounded up to nearest whole number.
  * If a box exceeds 30kg(actual OR vol. weight), 1 side exceeds 1 meter,sum of 2 sides exceeds 140cm,
   or sum of 3 sides exceeds 160cm, Med/Large freight shipping fee will be applied.

4. Customs procedures for a business operator are subject to be delayed upon a request of a customs officer.
  A storage fee at the customs department will be incurred beginning of third day upon arrival.
5. In cases of product damages or missing, any coverage and indemnity will be processed same as air delivery condition.
6. For ocean delivery, a shipping fee is calculated based on actual weight or volume weight, whichever is greater.
  * If 2+ sides of a box exceed 40 inches or 1 side exceeds 60 inches, surcharge will be applied.
  * If an item cannot be double stacked while loading, surcharge will apply. Please refer to the 1:1 Q&A Section.
7. Schedule for ocean delivery can be changed or cancelled if the shipping company decides to change its schedule.
8. Dangerous goods may apply surcharge, so please check the items before the delivery request.
9. All ocean shipments are subject to custom exams without notice.
  Customs exam fee will be covered by Ohmyzip but departure will be delayed by 1~2 weeks.
10. If accumulative taxation applies on the item, it is excluded from the compensation policy.