Membership Level Transfer


Ohmyzip honors the competitor's membership level that you have earned

  • • Ohmyzip will accept our competitor's membership level when you become a Ohmyzip member. You can utilize shipping discount right away.
  • • We don't transfer the number of usage history from the competitors.
  • • Transfer will be available only once.

When you used more than 51 times from other couriers → Ohmyzip Business Class Membership

When you used more than 16 times from other couriers → Ohmyzip Premium Class Membership

How to apply for membership level transfer

Apply for Membership Level Transfer

Level Transfer Application / History are available after login.

To apply, capture the other courier's name, website,and total number of usage and we will adjust the membership level.

Recent membership transfer status

Applicant Name of other Courier Level Approved Apply