How to apply volume weight

How to apply volume weight

Ohmyzip Center measures the volume and actual weight of all items received and applies 100% the volume weight.
(Between the volume weight and actual weight, the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.)

DE Center, CA Center
(Units: Inch/LB)
KR Center, CN Center
(Units: cm/Kg)

[LB/$, DE Center, No Inspection]

Product Actual Weight Volume Weight Projected shipping feesbefore 50% discount Projected shipping feesafter 50% discount is applied Difference
Economy Prime Economy Prime Economy Prime
LEGO 8.5 28 $54.48 $44.30 $30.12 $24.70 $24.36 Cheaper $19.60 Cheaper
Samsonite 15 38 $71.88 $58.30 $38.82 $31.70 $33.06 Cheaper $26.60 Cheaper

Volume Weight 40 inch TVs and over (air and sea transport)

Both Ohmyzip CA and DE Center apply the volume weight for TVs that are 40 inches and over and the 50% discount will not be applicable for these products.

55-inch TV

Actual weight: 64 lbs

Volume weight: 52 x 37 x 10 / 166 = 115.6 lbs

Shipping cost will be determined based on volumetric weight of 115.6 lb


- When volume weight is calculated, if two sides of the height/ length/ width of the box exceeds 40 in. or if one side out of the three dimensions exceeds 60 in.
   100% volume weight is applied with an additional charge.

- Air shipment is not eligible when length of one demension exceeds 110 Inch (DE center), 90 Inch (CA center) after packing.