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Return Policy

What is Ohmyzip's No-Inspection Free Return?

It is a free return service that Ohmyzip provides for any item(s) that has problems after the customers receives it.

Reimbursement Process

No Inspection If a product does not go through inspection and if the item(s) are damaged or missing, the customer is eligible for the No-Inspection Return program. For inspected item(s) If an inspected item(s) is missing or has found to have physical problems (damages, wrong sizes, etc.) upon receiving it (In Ohmyzip processing center).
If your order is missing, for each extra box we receive and ship to you, a $1 per tracking number + shipping fee(measured by weight) will be incurred. In essence, we will not charge the base charge of $8 again. 01 Return will be processed with No-Inspection return service.
If the item(s) has problems (damages, wrong sizes, different model). If you choose to return: Shipping fee paid + 20% of purchase price of returned item = will be compensated.
[No return fee. If a tariff was incurred, refund will be processed with no charge]
If you choose not to return: 20% of purchase price of item will be compensated, and 10% off coupon will be issued (Expires in 3 months)
02 Refunds for all fees paid by customer from inbound to outbound(shipping fee, surcharges, customs fees) will be made to the customer. Refunds will be made through: cash, cancelling credit card transaction or points.
If you choose to return specific item only: purchase price + shipping fee for the returned item + tariff paid for the return item = Will be refunded.
Get refund for your item(s) from a seller. 03 Get refund for your item(s) from a seller. Promotion on the returns made due to change of mind!!
If you choose to return because you have changed your mind, you only pay $7 for return customs fee, there is no $/lb fee up to 5 lb.

Things to know

  • If sum of length, width and height is longer than 160 centimeter, or weight is heavier than 30 kilogram, or the longest side is longer than 100 centimeter, additional surcharges and shipping fees will be incurred. For such cases, please first contact Ohmyzip. (including TVs)
  • Items monitored by US FDA such as foods, supplements, and medical supplies are not available for returns due to US.
  • Currently operating Korea→US & Japan for returns
    (Return is not available if the return label does not specify a US or Japan address.)
  • If a customer returns the items due to change of mind but reports it as normal return, return fee will be incurred.
  • An inspected item is not eligible for free return, if the return was made due to change of mind.
  • Return fee, shipping fee, and compensations will be made after the returned item(s) arrives at an Ohmyzip facility and is measured for weight.
  • Please note that used or refurbished products can not be returned.
  • If delivered electronics is not working properly or its set items or accessaries are missing, a customer can request for return.
    However, there will be a return process fee for electronics.