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Prime Membership

What is Prime Membership?

  • Prime Membership is the highest VIP rank in Ohmyzip and anyone is eligible to sign up.
  • Annual fee of $49
  • You can enjoy Ohmyzip's premier service, low pricing, and additional benefits on your membership subscription.
  • What is the Prime Welcome Package?
    The Prime Welcome Package will be sent via e-mail which includes various benefits such as discount coupons and Ohmyzip news.
    (Please use a valid e-mail address for prime membership)


Benefit 1 On average 28~36% discounts for shipping fee (DE Center) + Coupon can be used same time Benefit 2 Free return processing
(in USA)
Benefit 3 Base storage charge free($3) + 50% daily fee discount
Benefit 4 Free carton splitting, customs inspection, and disposal Benefit 5 When subscribing to the prime membership, 50% coupon and $50 for TV coupon will be given Benefit 6 For flat rate items (TV, mattress, etc.), regular customs fee free

Prime Rankings

* 1LB ~ 40LB - Discount rate for prime members by membership ranking (Rates are compared with the normal inspection rate (economy).
member ranking Accumulated number of Orders * Avg. Discount Rate
Prime-Economy Up To 5 28%
Prime-Premium Up To 15 30%
Prime-Business Up To 30 32%
Prime-Prestige Up To 50 34%
Prime-First More than 51 36%
  • Membership Level Shift Criterion: Upgrade / Maintain / Downgrade will apply on the first of every month (KST) by the amount of No Inspection Free Return Service used in the previous month
  • For new members, the greater amount from the previous OR current month's usage of No Inspection Free Return Service will be used to determine the level.
  • Current membership level will be applied when renewing Prime Membership.
    But, membership upgrade will apply right away when conditions are met.

Price Comparison

[DE Center (Prime-First), No Inspection, 8 LB]
Ohmyzip Prime Company "M" Company "T"
Shipping Rate $14.90 $23.00 $19.96

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Additional Notes

  • Membership renewal is available for 15 days prior to the expiration of the paid term.
    (Even if you renew your membership, your current expiration date will not expire and will remain for one year from the current expiration date.)
  • Annual fee of $49 is not refundable.
  • Points earned during the duration of prime membership will automatically transfer over to your initial membership.
  • Discount rates for Prime membership will vary depending on centers. (CA or DE)
  • Benefits will be rewarded immediately upon registration and/or renewal.
  • The 50% discount coupon can only be used for packages below 30 lbs, and it cannot be transferred to anyone. (Effective 30 days)
  • A $50 TV discount coupon will be given to prime members as a complimentary gift. (Effective 6 months)
  • 50% discount coupon and 50% discount coupon for TV can be used only for packages that are to ship to the South Korea.
  • There may be benefit differences based on country of origin and distribution center.