Prime Membership

Enjoy exclusive benefits with PRIME! All members of Ohmyzip can become a Prime Member.

1. What is Prime Membership?

  • - Prime Membership is the highest VIP rank in Ohmyzip and anyone is eligible to sign up.
  • - Annual fee of $49
  • - You can enjoy Ohmyzip's premier service, low pricing, and additional benefits on your membership subscription.

What is the Prime Welcome Package?

The Prime Welcome Package will be sent via e-mail which includes various benefits such as discount coupons and Ohmyzip news (Please use a valid e-mail address for prime membership)

2. Benefits

l Benefits

  • Benefit 1

    On average 28~36% discounts for shipping fee (DE Center) + Coupon can be used same time

  • Benefit 2

    Free return processing
    (in USA)

  • Benefit 3

    Base storage charge free($3) + 50% daily fee discount

  • Benefit 4

    Free carton splitting, customs inspection, and disposal

  • Benefit 5

    When subscribing to the prime membership, 50% coupon and $50 for TV coupon will be given

  • Benefit 6

    For flat rate items (TV, mattress, etc.), regular customs fee free

3. Prime Rankings

member ranking Accumulated number of Orders * Avg. Discount Rate
Prime-Economy Up To 5 28 %
Prime-Premium Up To 15 30 %
Prime-Business Up To 30 32 %
Prime-Prestige Up To 50 34 %
Prime-First More than 51 36 %
* 1LB ~ 40LB - Discount rate for prime members by membership ranking (Rates are compared with the normal inspection rate (economy).
  • * Membership Level Shift Criterion: Upgrade / Maintain / Downgrade will apply on the first of every month (KST) by the amount of No Inspection Free Return Service used in the previous month
  •   -For new members, the greater amount from the previous OR current month's usage of No Inspection Free Return Service will be used to determine the level.
  •   -Current membership level will be applied when renewing Prime Membership.
  •     But, membership upgrade will apply right away when conditions are met.

4. Price Comparison

[DE Center (Prime-First), No Inspection, 8 LB]

Ohmyzip Prime Company "M" Company "T"
Shipping Rate $14.90 $23.00 $19.96

5. Compare shipping rates by membership level

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6. Additional Notes

  • - Prime membership is effective for one year starting from the day of activation. (If prime membership is renewed before expiration the amount of days left from membership will not rollover.)
  • - Annual fee of $49 is not refundable.
  • - Points earned during the duration of prime membership will automatically transfer over to your initial membership.
  • - Discount rates for Prime membership will vary depending on centers. (CA or DE)
  • - Benefits will be rewarded immediately upon registration and/or renewal.
  • - The 50% discount coupon can only be used for packages below 30 lbs, and it cannot be transferred to anyone. (Effective 30 days)
  • - A $50 TV discount coupon will be given to prime members as a complimentary gift. (Effective 6 months)
  • - 50% discount coupon and 50% discount coupon for TV can be used only for packages that are to ship to the South Korea.
  • - There may be benefit differences based on country of origin and distribution center.