No-Inspection Free Return

How does Free Return Shipping work?

Free Return Shipping enables customers to return items that they have received without any shipping charges.
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In order to be eligible for Free Return Shipping

Advantages of “Free Return Shipping”

How does Free Return Shipping work?

  • 1
  • Customer receives the package
  • 2
  • Submit a return request to the seller. (Ex. Amazon)
  • 2-1
  • Customer
Denied Free Shipping Label
Over $200
  • 3
  • If approved, submit a return request form to Ohmyzip and upload the return label.
  • 3-1
  • If merchandise is over $200, submit a return authorization, invoice of the import declaration certificate, and a copy of account transaction summary.
  • 4
  • Customer selects date and local postal company will pick it up.
  • 5
  • Local postal company picks up package.
  • 6
  • Is delivered to Ohmyzip warehouse, weighed, labeled, and cost of return will be automatically deducted from prepaid points or will be charged to the credit card.
  • 7
  • Package is shipped to seller’s country.
  • 8
  • Goes through customs procedures at seller’s country.
  • 9
  • Package is tendered to WarpEx.
  • 10
  • Ohmyzip drops off package to a postal company.
  • 11
  • Customer receives confirmation of return and refund by seller.
** If you select a “pick up date” when submitting a return request, your date and request will automatically be notified to a local delivery company.
** Depending on the condition of which an item is being returned, the incurred fees will be paid with saved payment methods (credit card or prepaid points).
** If the credit card information is not valid or there is insufficient prepaid point balance, the return process will not be completed until fees are settled.
** Due to the reason stated above, the return process may be stopped or delayed which may cause a storage charge to be incurred.

Things to know when using Free Return Shipping