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Oh~Cash Rewards
We introduce to you the Oh~Cash Rewards Program that will change the way you shop. Refer friends, family and acquaintances, earn points, and spend away!

  • - You cannot use your personal code to redeem points/cash from the Oh~Cash Rewards Program. Your code is only valid for first time customers that you have referred to Ohmyzip. The initial member and his/her referrals are not able to register any party’s code.
  • - Each personal code will be specialized for a single account, and can only be registered once. (Changes/Deletions are disabled.)
  • - The Oh~Cash Rewards Program is limited to only one customer account per household.
  • - Oh~Cash can be redeemed as actual cash once the amount reaches $100+.
  • * The Oh~Cash Points Accumulation Formula will be active and effective for one fiscal year (365 days) WHEN the Personal Rewards Code is FIRST generated. After one year the initial member will receive 1% of the Pure Sale Price from all referrals (Friends1-4). The new formula after one year will be: 1% + 1% + 1% +1% for a combined total of 4%. This will last for a lifetime! (Unless a member deactivates their account, defies the terms of user agreement, and etc.)
  • - Members of the program who seek cash redemption must have a minimum of $100+ in points. A check will be mailed out and it will take approximately one month for the member to receive it.
  • * Points/Checks that are withdrawn from Ohmyzip are not tax deductible.
  • * International members may have to pay import taxes and/or customs duties. They may also be required to pay a brokerage (handling) fee for the shipment. These charges are separate and they will be billed directly.
  • * If you are a citizen/individual residing in the U.S. participating in our program, this information is used for IRS reporting purposes only. When you make over $600 per calendar year, we are required by law to acquire your Tax ID information. Ohmyzip will never share your information with any party for any purpose other than identity verification. We will only ask for this information when a member has earned $600 or more in credit.
  • * On the last day of each month, any account holders with $100+ in credits have an option of redeeming a check, but they must provide tax identification information to Ohmyzip. Once Ohmyzip obtains the individual’s tax information, please enter the address to where the check can be sent. Individuals will be responsible for any and all tax liability arising from any rewards they accumulate under the program.
  • - Oh~Cash points that have not been claimed at the end of the month will be rolled over to the following month.
  • - If a member of the Oh~Cash Rewards Program has been inactive for one year their account will be terminated along with all of their Oh~Cash points/credits. (The account will be active, however all privileges of the Oh~Cash Rewards Program will be terminated from the account.)
  • -The Oh~Cash points rewarded from the referral program will be based on the final shipping payment. The final shipping payment is subject to change due to but not limited to membership level, coupons, insurance fees, and additional fees.Oh~ Cash points will be earned regardless if the shipping payment is paid by credit card or Oh~Cash points.
  • - If there is no transaction history on your account after registering for the Oh~Cash Rewards Program, you will not be able to receive Oh~Cash points. Only when your first transaction has been completed, you will then be able to view your first set of Oh~Cash points.
  • - Oh~Cash points that show any type of relationship or link to fraudulent referrals & purchases will result in the termination of the corresponding account. Ohmyzip reserves the right to terminate any account and related Rewards codes that are subject to misconduct andviolation.
  • * A referred member cannot refer the same respective member.
  • - Only NEW Ohmyzip members can enter a referral code
  • *You cannot refer a person after making a shipping fee payment.
  • *The check can be deposited to your bank account within 6 months from the check issue date. (the check is not valid after 6 months)