KR Warehouse Center

1. Introduction to the Korea Distribution Center

Ohmyzip Korea Center provides an international delivery service for Korean online shoppers, living abroad, and international sellers.
We help Korean customers, who live abroad, purchase and sell Korean products all over the world. Delivery is fast and safe with Ohmyzip’s delivery tracking service.
Ohmyzip will response the international delivery of the worldwide Korean products in fast and safely along with the existing services that are import delivery agency service, return, customs clearance and customer service.

l Services 오마이집 kr센터 특징 이미지 l Staff

  Delivery is quick and safe with the work of expert staff.
  - Customer Service Staff : Answers any questions or concerns regarding ordering, receiving, forwarding, shipping, returns, etc via customer board, email and calling.
  - Warehouse Staff : Handles warehouse operation such as air and ocean freight and parcel service etc.
  - Customs Clearance Staff : Licensed customs agents help the job related the customs clearance not to delay the shipping process.

오마이집 kr센터 사진 이미지

2. Delivery Schedule in Korea Distribution Center

  • List-Clearance of Importing Delivery Schedule
    Arrival Date Customs Our for Delivery Delivered date
    Mon Mon Mon Tue
    Tue Tue Tue Wed
    Wed Wed Wed Thur
    Thur Thur Thur Fri
    Fri Fri Fri Sat
    Sat Sat Mon Tue
    Sun Sun Mon Tue
  • General-Clearance of Importing Delivery Schedule
    도착일 통관 및 수리 택배사 인계 배송
    Mon Mon~Tue Mon~Tue Tue~Wed
    Tue Tue~Wed Tue~Wed Wed~Thur
    Wed Wed~Thur Wed~Thur Thur~Fri
    Thur Thur~Fri Thur~Fri Fri~Sat
    Fri Fri~Mon Fri~Mon Sat~Tue
    Sat Mon~Tue Mon~Tue Tue~Wed
    Sun Mon~Tue Mon~Tue Tue~Wed
    (It is subject to change depend on the customs clearance process)
Exporting Shipping Delivery
Receiving Shipping Delivered date
USA 1 day + 1 day + 3 ~ 6 days
Japan 1 day + 1 day + 2 ~ 4 days
China 1 day + 1 day + 2 ~ 4 days
Others 1 day + 1 day Depending on local circumstances

3. Korea Import Clearing Related

l Prohibited items Information See details
l Duties and Taxes Information See details
l Return Procedure Information See details
l Please check more details for the importing customs clearance at the Ohmyzip website.

4. Korea Export Clearing Related

l Information for prohibited Export items due to the restriction of the arrival country See details
l Duties and Taxes will be imposed USA : over USD800 and Japan: over JPY10,000