JP Warehouse Center

1. Introduction to the Japan distribution center

Ohmyzip JP distribution center is located in Yokohama, Japan and is operated by Ohmyzip directly. The warehouse is perfectly situated to handle both air and ocean freight (coming soon) conveniently. To deliver customer demand, the YH distribution center utilizes air shipping 3 times per week.

2. Delivery schedule in YH Distribution Center

  Shipping process - 3 days a week
  The shipping is processed 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) for the paid items of the previous days (Sun, Tue, Thu)

Package arriving date at YH Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Receiving date MON TUE WED THR FRI
Payment Date FRI ~ SUN × MON ~ TUE × WED ~ THR
Airline FEDEX
Ship out day MON × WED × FRI
Estimated Arrival at Korea TUE × THR × SAT
Estimated custom clearance TUE × THR × SAT or MON
Estimated domestic delivery date WED × FRI × TUE

• Payment deadline is subject to change depending on order volume quantity, and other related issues and may be shipped the next day.
• Overall delivery time can be vary based on a seller's location.

3. Dimensional Weight

l In Progress : 50% off on Volume weight Promotion [ How to apply volume weight ]

4. Customs related

l Items not allowed by customs
The following items cannot be imported: Adult items, animal feed, products including animal parts.

l Customs related
All imported items may need customs clearance based the customs department.
Duty fees and VAT apply when the value of imported goods is over 150,000 Korean won and is for personal use.
Taxable Basis = (Total Product Price + exchange rate) + shipping cost [Imposed Tax Fare Table]