How to Choose Warehouse center

Which Ohmyzip Center should I ship to?
What are the unique benefits that each center can offer?
What is Sales Tax in the U.S.?
In various countries, sales tax is already incorporated in the total cost of an item. In the U.S.
sales tax is charged separately for each insectionidual good. Also, sales tax varies from each state, city, and etc.
In the past, customers did not pay for taxes for goods that were purchased online,
however due to recent changes in the tax policies, many online stores are charging sales tax. (Ex:
DE Center
Delaware is a tax free state and anything that is shipped to Delaware will become tax exempt. Ohmyzip DE Center processes and receives all incoming packages. Other companies distribute incoming packages to different centers which will result in delays. The smarter customers will use Ohmyzip DE Center to save time and money.
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CA Center
CA center specializes in ocean shipping, which is advantageous for large and/or heavy items (CA center air shipping service discontinued)
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