CA Warehouse Center

The center of all infrastructure
and technology of direct buying
California logistics warehouse center!
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Introduction to the California Distribution Center

Introducing the newly moved California logistics warehouse center on September 2017.
The CA center is the first warehouse of Ohmyzip, and has grown steadily every year and has become
the industry's first ocean shipping professional center.
We have moved to a large-scale warehouse, that has expanded more than three times compared
to the previous warehouse, to meet the changes of the item(s) of the overseas direct buying
for the various products of small, light, large and heavy weight products.
Ohmyzip CA center will continue to make new trends in overseas direct buying and will do our best to satisfy our customers.

Where is Ohmyzip CA Center located?

It has been newly expanded and moved to an area closer to Long Beach Port, which is the gateway to US maritime trade.
We have all the systems for you to safely receive all the items you want, from the overseas direct buying, regardless of the item's size and item. Containers are shipped weekly for fast delivery.
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Advantages of CA center

Directly operated by Ohmyzip 자체 개발한 오마이집의 체계적인 기간 시스템을 바탕으로 직영 관리하고 있습니다.

먹거리 텍스 프리 Use CA center for food and/or food related products. No taxation for food and/or food related products in California.

무겁고 큰 물건 유리 Specialize in ocean shipping (Ocean shipping Only)

안정적 인력 시스템 All our employees are local, ensuring a stable work force!

철저한 보안 시스템 Ohmyzip protects customer confidentiality with advanced IT infrastructure and warehouse security.

Ohmyzip CA Delivery Schedule

CA center Air Shipping service cancelled. Ocean Shipping Only.
빠른 배송을 위해 매주 컨테이너가 출고되고 있습니다.
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Customs related

Items not allowed by customs
Products containing pornography and animal products are not allowed customs clearance.
Products that infringe on intellectual property rights are not allowed customs clearance. Learn more
Customs related
All imported goods must undergo customs clearance procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Act.
개인소비용도일 경우 관세 및 부가세는 목록통관 $200, 일반통관 $150초과하는 경우에 해당합니다.