CA Distribution Center

With advanced logistics infrastructure and the most superior IT system, Ohmyzip CA center will guarantee the best direct buying experience.

Introducing the new relocation of OHMYZIP CA CENTER! Ohmyzip is headquartered in California and has been newly relocated since January 10, 2015. Ohmyzip CA Center possesses the most advanced IT system and logistics infrastructure and boasts 100,000sq ft. of storage space. Ohmyzip will guarantee undivided attention and competent service to meet the customers' satisfaction.

l Where is Ohmyzip CA Center located?

CA center is located near the LAX Airport and Interstate 5 (I-5), a major north/south route of the Interstate Highways in California. Therefore, faster service and delivery are available to all customers.

l 2945 E Maria St, Compton, CA 90221
l 100,000 Sq.ft / executives and staff members 45

l Advantages of CA center

  • Directly operated by Ohmyzip (100,000sq. ft. storage, capable of processing 12,000 packages per day)
  • Use CA center for food and/or food related products. No taxation for food and/or food related products in California.
  • Specialize in ocean shipping (Ocean shipping Only)
  • All our employees are local, ensuring a stable work force!
  • Ohmyzip protects customer confidentiality with advanced IT infrastructure and warehouse security.

l Ohmyzip CA Delivery Schedule

CA center Air Shipping service cancelled. Ocean Shipping Only.
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