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Why Ohmyzip?
Let's find out what makes Ohmyzip the No. 1 International Courier Service Company!
  • 01
    No-Inspection Free Return

    Ohmyzip will provide free return services for the first time among the global carrier delivery service companies.
    No shipping fee inside Korea and no shipping fee between Korea and US will be guaranteed.

    In case of any problems for delivered items (ex. damaged items, wrong items, sizes, etc.),

    Ohmyzip will not only refund shipping fees paid, but also compensate 20% of price of the item to the customer.

  • 02
    Guaranteed Compensation Program covers up to $600

    If your items get damaged during any shipping process, Ohmyzip will compensate up to $600.
    No other competitors can do it. This program also covers items shipped with no-inspection.

  • 03
    Baro Baro Shipping (Optional)

    Do you want to your items to be shipped as soon as they arrive to us? If you choose Baro Baro Shipping, your item(s) will be shipped upon their arrival. Be sure to submit outbound request for the item(s) prior to its arrival. An extra fee for Baro Baro Shipping is $2 per box, and it is charged starting from 2nd box.

    [ Click to see Baro Baro Shipping ]

  • 04
    50% discount on Volume Weight

    Do not worry about un-fixable boxes that can result in huge amount of shipping fee. With 50% off on volume weight, you can enjoy much cheaper shipping fees.

  • 05
    Combined shipping got easier.

    You can combine your item(s) and make them to be shipped together. Just indicate your selection on your shipping applicaion.
    Please note that the items you have selected can be shipped individually.

  • 06

    No sales tax charged if your packages are delivered to our DE warehouse center.

  • 07
    Payment by PayPal

    We have added another payment method. Now you can pay by PayPal.

  • 08
    Same Day Shipping!

    Ohmyzip boasts a maximum capacity of 170,000 sq ft of storage space. With the most advanced IT system and logisitics infrastructure, Ohmyzip can ensure the fastest, cheapest, and the most professional service.

  • 09
    No Additional Fee!

    Various companies charge a transfer service fee of $1-$2 from one facility to another. For example, from DE→NJ. However, Ohmyzip DE Center does not charge any additional fees because all shipments are received and depart from DE.

  • 10
    No.1 International Courier Service Company

    Ohmyzip boasts a maximum capacity of 170,000 sq. ft. storage space. With immense space and advanced logistics infrastructure Ohmyzip can ensure safe, fast, and efficient service.