Baro Baro Shipping

Are you still waiting for your last item to arrive?
Don't wait anymore! Ohmyzip will ship your item(s) to you as soon as we receive it!

(바로바로 출고는 DE, JP 센터에서 제공되는 출고 서비스입니다.)

Understanding Express Shipping ( Baro Baro Shipping)

* Express shipping (Baro Baro Shipping)

Fast shipping, combined shipping, box molding applicable
Don't wait any longer! Ohmyzip will ship your item(s) as soon as we receive it!

* Regular combined shipping

Benefits of the Express Shipping (BaroBaro)

1 NO! Delay of Shipping!

You don’t have to wait for all of your items to be delivered and received.
First come, First ship!

2 NO! Worry for Volume Weight!

If volume weight is more than twice the actual weight, box repacking service will be applied

3 NO! Delivery fee in Korea!

There is no additional cost for domestic delivery in Korea for over-quantified boxes

4 0% Wrong Delivery due to the No Inspection Service!

Another advantage of the No Inspection Service and Express Shipping (Baro Baro)! Wrong deliveries will never occur!

How to calculate Baro-Baro Shipping fee

[LB/$, DE Center(Prime-Economy), Automatic Payment]
Box First Box Second Box Third Box
Shipping fee $6.50 $1.40 $1.40
BaroBaro Shipping surcharge $0 $2 $2
Total Shipping Fee $6.50 $3.40 $3.40
Your total shipping fees for all boxes $13.3

* Starting a second box, no fixed rate will be charged. Fees will be calculated based on weights (lbs) and BaroBaro Shipping surcharge.

  Example) Second Box (2lbs): $2.8 (for Prime-Economy members)

            Third Box (5lbs): $7 (for Prime-Economy members)

Example) 50% off on Volume weight

[LB/$, DE Center, No Inspection]

Product Actual Weight Volume Weight Projected shipping feesbefore 50% discount Projected shipping feesafter 50% discount is applied Difference
Economy Prime Economy Prime Economy Prime
LEGO 8.5 28 $54.48 $44.30 $30.12 $24.70 $24.36 Cheaper $19.60 Cheaper
Samsonite 15 38 $71.88 $58.30 $38.82 $31.70 $33.06 Cheaper $26.60 Cheaper

Things to Know