Shipping Points + AutoPay

  • AutoPay System

    With the AutoPay system, the shipping cost will be paid automatically with Ohmyzip points when inspection and weight measurement are finished. This system shortens the processing and transit time of the delivery. Coupons are applicable as well. (*Coupons will still be applicable even if it has expired by the time of the autopay date.)

  • What are Shipping Points?

    Shipping Points can be used interchangeably as payments for shipping cost of your package. Points can be purchased anytime. Ohmyzip recommends purchasing shipping points in order to ensure faster processing and transit. In addition to the shipping points, coupons and rank discounts are also applicable.

  • How to purchase Shipping Points?

    Login to your Ohmyzip account → My Page → Click "Add Points" → Purchase/Refill Shipping Points

  • Automatic Payment Option

    Ohmyzip Login → My Page → Click "Add a Credit or Debit Card"

  • How to use the Autopay system?

    You can select the option to use the autopay system at "STEP3" of the shipping application.