Oh~ Fast Service

What is OhFast Service?

If you use only 1 tracking number, you can use the OhFast Service regardless of the total amount of items.
This service skips the inspection process after the boxes arrive at our centers.
You can receive up to 40% discount compared to the regular shipping fee.(OhFast Service is NOT available if the tracking number does not match or is omitted.)
(오 빠른 서비스는 DE 센터에서만 제공되는 출고 서비스입니다.)

How to apply for OhFast Service

1. Click the "Request a Delivery" button.
You must login to Ohmyzip to place an order.

2. Choose an Ohmyzip center and the OhFast Service. OhFast is only available for DE center.

3. You MUST accurately enter the tracking number for OhFast Service and its benefits.

4. OhFast Service is excluded from the Ohmyzip compensation policy.

Things to Know
  1. OhFast Service cannot be used with coupons or other promotions.
  2. • No membership discount for OhFast
    - Same rate applies for ALL members
  3. • We send the items without inspection nor repackaging from our warehouse.
  4. Vol. weight is 100% applied. (Delivery fee is applied from the greater of actual weight and vol. weight.)
  5. • No compensation for damaged, defective, or wrong items.
    - No insurance available, and excluded from the compensation / return policy & free returns.
  6. • If the volume or weight exceeds the limit or the item isn't included for the service, it is automatically switched to regular shipping.
    - Two or more sides exceed 40 inches, or one side exceeds 60 inches
    - Actual weight OR Vol. weight exceeds 65 pounds
  7. • Tracking No. must be entered accurately before receiving to use the service.
    - You cannot apply for or cancel OhFast Service for items already arrived at our warehouse (awating receiving).
    - Requested OhFast Service with the wrong OR no tracking number at all
    After notifying delivery fee, automatically changes to No Inspection service and applies the No Inspection delivery fee rate.
    - OhFast Service is unavailable for missing items (arrived without shipping app.).
  8. • Autopay only, no compensation for cumulative taxation from using OhFast Service.
  9. • If multiple orders come in one box, you cannot separate the items to use OhFast Service.
  10. • Not available for TVs and mattresses.
  11. • Only available for air shipping from DE center to Korea.
  12. • This service is subject to change and can be cancelled anytime by Ohmyzip.