Prohibited/Restricted Items

l Prohibited/Restricted Items

Alcoholics Beverages Perfume, skin contains alcohol
Ammunition Gunpowder, explosives items like bullet
- Cows, goats, sheep, and pig are classified as livestock and animals other than those are classified as non-domesticated animals.
- Non-domesticated animal products ( clothes, shoes, belt, wallet, hand bag, jewels, interior decoration)
all products made from followings,
- Examples of non-domesticated animals
  - amphibian, birds, crustacean, fish
  - coral, shell, animal natural sponge
  - horn, toenail, hoof, nail
  - Ivory, tooth, fangs, beak
  - Tortoiseshell
  - Whalebone (powder, waste)
Cigarette, Cigarette products cigarette, electronic cigarette
Dry ice Refrigerant is included and consider as danger items
Firearms/weapon, replica gun Toy gun, guns
Knife - Knife for weapon is prohibited.
- Only Knife for cook, pocket knife, utility knife is available to ship.
- For reference: ex) China does not allow to import any knifes except butter knife
Generator Prohibited due to the danger of flammable gas
Priceless items Ex) Coin, bill, stamp, securities, money order, gemstone jewelry, industrial diamond. human remains
Carnet Prohibited on exhibitions that need carnet customs clearance
Currency High price stamp, securities
Human Body Human and animal remains including bones
Live animals seeds, vegetables and fruits
Dangerous goods Gas, radioactive substance, fire extinguisher, spray
Obscene Items
Special Items Ex) works of art, antique, jewelry, gold, silver etc.
Gemstone Loose stones, cut or uncut pearls and semi-jewels ( amethyst, aquamarine, yellow quartz, garnet, turquoise, topaz, onyx, opal etc.)
and all jewels (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire)
Perishable Items Ex) meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, dairy product
Magnetic Available to ship for 1 or 2 refrigerator magnetic
Flammable products Methanol, acetone, manicure, candle, match etc. all flammable products

l Restricted Items for exporting from Korea

Airline ticket All open or not-opened airline ticket is available to ship but need to confirm that it contains confidential information on government or intelligence activities
Jewelry - Jewelry should not be exceeded maximum amount US$500 per package.(imitation Jewelry is not subject to this. Available to ship up to US$50,000 per package)
- Products exceeding over $500 per package
- Imitation jewels are not applicable, and products exceeding $50,000 per package
- Raw products, semi-finished products, jewels (including gold) in powdered form
Lithium batteries Please contact us through the 1:1 message board.
Negotiable instruments Banker's order, bond to bearer, share certificate to bearer, bond, cashiers check, deposit slip, check (both endorsed & not endorsed) and credit card
Letter of credit, lottery, postal money order, promissory note (both endorsed & not endorsed)
* May vary from country to country
Speaker Speaker includes magnetic is not allowed to ship