Clothing Flat Rate Shipping Promotion

Clothing Flat Rate Shipping Promotion

Event Guide

Sunglass, Watch Flat Rate Shipping Promotion

Event Guide
Event target All Ohmyzip members
Event duration From September 01, 2017 - November 30, 2017 (KST, shipping fee payment date)
Event information Clothes flat rate shipping fee is applicable for purchasing from Ralph Lauren/J.Crew/Banana Republic/Club Monaco/Carter’s, for items arriving with one tracking number, and under 7LB.

Things to know

  • - Applicable only when "Regular shipping -> No inspection/Free Returns" is selected on the shipping application form.
      'Express shipping' and 'Oh fast shipping' are not appliable to flat rate event, only 'regular shipping' is appliable.
  • - The fixed rate event is available only for air shipping.
  • - The event is applicable only for deliveries from DE center to Korea.
  • - To be eligible for the event, the proper category needs to be selected when you complete the shipping application form.


    배송대행신청서 이벤트 항목선택 이미지
  • - Order(s) arrived at DE center without shipping application are excluded from the flat rate event. Please make sure to enter the tracking number before the order(s) has arrived.
  • - If there are any problems for used or refurbished products, Ohmyzip accepts returns but does not cover any expenses for returning.
  • - Clothes are entitled for free returns and the same condition of 'unconditional returns' applies to free returns.
  • - Clothes are not entitled for guaranteed compensation/returns and non-applicable coupons.
  • - The Flat rate shipping fee of clothes are set according to member ranking.
  • - For clothes, please enter exact 'URL of shopping mall' in the shipping application form to apply the flat rate event.
  • - Inbound notification forms completed after September 1, 2017 (South Korea Time) will be eligible for this event.
  • - Ohmyzip reserves the rights to change or revoke any policy of this event.