Fixed rates for mattress delivery

  • Event target
    All mattress products (Excluding pillows, must be mattress related only.)
    * Please note that bundled item(s), used, or refurbished products are not applicable for the promotion.
  • Event duration
    Until November 30, 2017 (Korea time, shipping fee payment date)
    * This promotion is only valid for CA ocean delivery service.

Mattress flat rate shipping + Ohmyzip 10% discount coupon!

Sizes Flat rate shipping 10% discount Final shipping fee
Single(Twin) Mattress $150 $15.00 $135.00
Full Mattress $170 $17.00 $153.00
Queen Mattress $225 $22.50 $202.50
King Mattress $290 $29.00 $261.00
Cal King Mattress $340 $34.00 $306.00

Mattress Customs-Related Q&A

  • Q : What do you mean by "under $1,000" ?
  • A : { Price of item (price of item+Tax+shipping fee) × current exchange rate (DE) + Imposed Tax } / current exchange
         rate is under $1,000.
  • Q : What if price of my mattress "exceeds $1,000" ?
  • A : Please submit a Certificate of Authenticity to prevent delivery delays.
  • Q : Why do I have to indicate "Made in USA" ?
  • A : If you do not indicate where the product is made from, you will be asked to provide a certificate of authenticity even
         if the price of your item is under $1,000.

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Things to know

  • [ Inspection ]
  • - There is no limitation on how frequent ocean delivery can be used during the promotion.
  • - Please make sure that your mattress is on the list. If a mattress is over-sized or in an irregular size,
      Ohmyzip may forfeit the promotion on your mattress and extra fees may be incurred.
  • - A bundle of a mattress and a foundation is not eligible for this promotion.
  • - A used or refurbished mattress is not eligible for this promotion
  • - Shipping fees for a mattress are determined based on its volume weight.
  • - Fixed rate includes a domestic delivery charge.
  • - All mattresses will be delivered in the same condition as Ohmyzip receives from a seller. Ohmyzip will not perform
      any additional packaging for mattresses. If your mattress needs additional packaging, Ohmyzip will contact you.
  • - Mattress are not eligible for special packaging and inspection
  • [ Customs ]
  • - Per South Korea-U.S. FTA, there is no customs fee for any goods made in U.S. under $1,000. A label must indicate
      "Made in U.S."
      For mattresses that cost less than $1,000, you have to provide a certificate of authenticity in order to pass customs
      with no fees.

  • - If you fail to provide a certification of authenticity prior to customs process, there will be a serious delay
       on your delivery. This delay may incur a storage fee for storing your mattress at the customs department.
  • - Packaging for all mattresses will be opened during the customs process in order to verify the origin of a product.
       Please be aware of this inspection.
  • - Ohmyzip does not verify the origin of a mattress during inspection. It is solely the customer's responsibility to confirm
       the origin of a mattress. A customer will be responsible for any returns made because of this issue.
  • - If a mattress costs higher than $2,000, $10 of customs surcharge will be incurred regardless of the promotion.
  • - For Ocean Shipping, additional $5 of general customs fee will be charged.
  • [ Shipping and others ]
  • - This is a promotion for CA ocean delivery. Expected time of ocean delivery is 30 to 40 days.
  • - Please note that island areas are excluded for ocean delivery. However, additional shipping fees will be incurred for delivery
       to Jeju Island.
  • - An expected time of delivery after customs is 5 days for capital areas and 7 days for non-capital areas.
  • - Fixed rate does not include any charges incurred in process of domestic shipping.
  • - Fixed rate does not include damage insurance (usually 3% of item price).
       A mattress product is 100% refundable for damages.

       • What is covered: item price, shipping fees(U.S.), tax, shipping fee(international), customs fee, tariff, and domestic shipping fee.
       • Ohmyzip will assist you for a refund process only, not A/S.
       • What is NOT covered: insurance fees